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We were really ambitious, but what I think is the charm is that we didn’t know what the fuck we were doing, it came off like a grade-school orchestra was playing it!

Les Fleurs, Minnie Ripperton (1970) The multi-octaved singer demurely assumes the persona of a flower: “Will a lady pin me in her hair?For fans of my music or Bright Eyes, I think that’s frustrating for a lot of them because we don’t really do that same thing twice too much.” In the new issue of , “just over-the-top, huge production.We had all these weird ideas – all the in-between-song collages, all that stuff.Towards the end of 2016, while she was recording the album, Bridgers opened for Conor Oberst during a secret show he put on at L. At the same time, Oberst’s Bright Eyes bandmate Mike Mogis signed on to mix the record at his Omaha studio; Bridgers, as a result, spent five days in Nebraska with Mogis and Oberst, who live on the same property. Earlier this year, Bridgers opened for Oberst on several more tour dates; there are a couple videos floating around Youtube in which Bridgers and Oberst duet on Bright Eyes’ “Lua.”Oberst is also featured on , in “Would You Rather,” and as the album was coming together, Bridgers emailed it to him for notes.“He said like a paragraph about each song. Then, he came to the album closer, a cover of Mark Kozelek’s “You Missed My Heart." His response: “THAT’S INTENSE,” Bridgers recalled. The record might be sad, but it’s also full of witty moments and literary references, making it feel like a full portrait of a bold new artist.“It’s a record I’ve been waiting to put out since I started playing music,” Bridgers said.Torrents (Zip n dl / download individual files) 40 other premium filehosts.

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(Though it does not include the first song Bridgers wrote, at age 12, entitled “The Only Bird Flying the Other Way”—“so you can just know that, when I go to bed, I have that knowledge in my head,” she told me the next day, “and it is disturbing to me.”) Bridgers and her brother Jackson (who is named for Jackson Browne) were raised by their mother, “a really, really big music fan” who encouraged her daughter to perform at any opportunity.

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