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Murders due to online dating

Like most West Texas towns in 1943, Littlefield was a quiet little farm community, busy only during cotton harvest when hundreds of migrant workers would pass through in the fall.During the investigation, detectives discovered numerous things.New captain Fitz Theara, who is taking bribes to throw matches, is the next victim, leading Jones to explain that, with Germaine's cooperation, he is investigating match fixing.- a possible key to Leo's new-found wealth and the financial problems of C10 organizer Elliot Luthando. Newton and his wife, Ruth, of Cameron to trial for the attempted murder. 26, 1943, Roy and his wife, Mae, 26, were found brutally slain in their tiny five-room brick home in Littlefield.

Barnaby is mystified by the unexplained amount of cash in Leo's account and the appearance of an unshaven Ben Jones, calling himself Jack Morris and with Leo's widow Melanie when her house is burgled.Whilst a twenty year disappearance is resolved Jones' new role as the leading player makes him a likely target and, unless Barnaby unmasks the killer, the last man out.Kam said she used "Carbon Dating" to determine the age of the cuts in the tree.One chilling fact was that the killer entered the residence through a back window of the children’s nursery and passed by their beds as they slept.The tangled web of these murders led investigators to the Newtons and another suspect, 49-year-old Jim Thomas.

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Season 18 was mostly unimpressive, with "Breaking the Chain" faring weakest and "Saints and Sinners" and "The Incident at Cooper Hill" not faring much better.