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He plans to have her kidnapped and raped by an accomplice so she won't be a virgin anymore and he'll have an excuse to get out of the impending marriage.

But what he doesn't plan is to fall in love with the girl...

"Terry", who fled from home at 16, was living in a hippie community in Sicily and soon became an attention of the press.

In 1974, her acting career began when film director Alberto Lattuada (who discovered Federico Fellini and Silvana Mangano) gave her her first role in the film Le farò da padre aka La bambina, playing a intellectually disabled girl named Clotilde.

Maria Schneider, who was to have played the role of Drusilla, Caligula's beloved sister and lover, walked out of the project when she decided she didn't want to do the nude scenes. In 1977 Savoy played Jamilah in the Italian film Sandokan alla riscossa!

Savoy was 18 years old when she appeared in the Italian adult magazine Playmen (October 1973), using an alias of "Terry".In the film she played a young BDM girl (League of German Maidens, a female Nazi youth organization) who becomes a spy that poses as a prostitute for the SS Nazi paramilitary organization.In 1976, Brass was involved in the film Caligula, produced by Bob Guccione, the owner of Penthouse magazine.But if you have an eighteen-year-old girlfriend and you like her to pretend like she's two, I'd say you have some serious problems. .) Savoy went on to star in a couple Tinto Brass films, "Salon Kitty" and "Caligula", where she had just as many nude scenes, but did NOT act like a two year old.Alberto Lattuado, like a lot of French and Italian directors of that era it seems, is a bit of a "Humbert Humbert"--besides this, he directed "Dulce Enganni" where Catherine Spaak plays a schoolgirl involved with an older man and "Stay the Way You Are" where Marcello Masroanni plays a man who has an affair with sexy university student Nastassia Kinski, who may actually be his daughter.

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