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Dating a librarian

Do not wait for the district to assign you a mentor or for someone to approach you. I have been in charge of both a lab and trolleys, and let me just tell you right now, you will go nuts if you don't have a reliable, consistent system for booking.Find out what's been done before and how it worked or didn't work.Computer booking can be a very touchy issue, and it will drive you crazy every now and then, even with the best booking system in place.Check out my post on 22 tips to help you manage computer labs and trolleys.You've landed your first library job--congratulations! All summer, you've looked forward to standing in the middle of your very own library, taking a deep breath, and reveling in all that library-awesomeness. Today, you are standing in the middle of your library, feeling pretty lost.There are boxes everywhere, and you aren't even sure if all this stuff is yours. This post was actually inspired by a question posted on Elementary Librarian's Face Book page, as well as several similar questions I've seen recently on LM_Net.After about 9am, the sun streaming in from our skylights and two walls of windows completely drowned out the projected image. Within a few months, I had experimented with different areas of the library to combat that bright natural light. ) a 70" flatscreen on a cart that would be permanently housed in the library.It had its own speakers, and natural light didn't obscure the image.

You are going to have lots of questions, and it is important that you have someone you can discuss these with. Send an email, call, schedule a short visit (bring cookies! If the person you picked doesn't seem receptive (they are busy; it's probably not personal), just pick someone else. What should you do when there is a technical issue? If you are responsible for laptop trolleys or a library computer lab, start thinking about how you want to schedule their use. Like checkout, some teachers will want to claim computer lab or trolley use pretty early in the year, possibly even before school starts.

I had no cart for the projector, so I had to place it on top of a nonfiction shelf.

There were cords dangling everywhere because I had strung extension cords across the library due to no outlets.

The computers are covered with plastic bags, and they do not look anywhere close to hooked up. I can distinctly remember feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and completely alone in my first few days. For now, here's a little boost: ten things new librarians should do first.

A teacher just came in and asked for the password to Pebble Go--where could that possibly be? Back in August 2004, I was super-excited to become a librarian, but I was also five months pregnant, exhausted, and clueless about where to start in my brand-new school library. Other than the first two, which really should be done before anything else, these ten "firsts" are not in any particular order.

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At my current school, I use one of my school's student planners.