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Later, they waved as they drove out of Raqqa heading for the internally displaced persons camp where their families were staying.They used a side of the road also not cleared of mines.

YPG, or Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units graffiti tags adorn the walls of almost every building.

In six days in and around the city, those two men were the only civilians came across. It’s so empty it doesn’t feel like a real city: despite the dangers, it often felt like walking around some sort of dystopian theme park.

The only people calling the city home at the moment are the fighters who have liberated it – which poses its own problems.

When two men in their sixties came out of the front door, the tension dissipated.

“We’d just come to check our house,” they explained, happy to find it still standing.

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The grey rubble dust – layers and layers of it – is still almost the only thing that stirs in the deserted streets.

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